Yufuin Hot Spring Hotel Fukinoya

Yufuin Hot Spring Hotel Fukinoya

Please refer to the following FAQ, and if you need any further informations,
please feel free to contact us.

Your Stay and Services

Check-in and Check out

Check-in time : 14:30PM~18:00PM(Check-in time of the Stay Plan without dinner and breakfast and the Stay Plan with breakfast only would be different depends on the details of your Stay Plan.)
Checkout time : ~10:00AM

Do you have a Stay Plan for one person?

Yes, of course. Welcome for your booking.

Do you have a Kalaoke Room?

Kalaoke Service is not available. But, we provide rental service of Go Chess, Chess and Mahjong and so on (for lending).

Is Internet/Wi-Fi available?

Free Wi-Fi Internet Service is available in all rooms and lobby. You can connect the Laptop (apply to Wi-Fi), Smart Phone and Tablet PC to the Free Wi-Fi in your room or lobby.

Can I use Credit Card for payment?

Only Cash Payment is acceptable. However, customers who book online or by Tel can pay via Credit Card (except for the customers who have paid in advance).

Can Pet come and stay with us?

Pets can not come and stay with their owner.

Do you offer Limousine Service?

We do not offer Limousine Service now.

Do you have a Parking?

There is a free Parking (up to 20 vehicles) for guests.

Guest Rooms

What kind of guest rooms do you have?

There are two kinds of Guest Rooms. Japanese Style Guest Rooms in the Main Building and Cabins

The layout and occupant of rooms in the Main Building?

○Occupant(Japanese Style Guest Rooms) : 4 Persons
Layout : Japanese Style Guest Room(13㎡) + bathroom+ toilet
○Occupant of [Tsurumi] in the Main Building : 6 Persons
Layout : Japanese Style Guest Room(10㎡+13㎡) + bathroom + toilet
Layout : Japanese Style Guest Room(12.5㎡+12.5㎡+10㎡) + shower room + toilet

Layout and the occupant of the rooms in Cabins with open-air bath?

○Cabin with open-air bath [Satoya]
Occupant: 8 Persons
Layout: Japanese Style Rooms(10㎡+13㎡+10㎡) + indoor bath + open-air bath + toilet

○Cabin with open-air bath [Hanaya](Two-story Building)
Occupant: 10 Persons
1F: Japanese Style Guest Rooms(10㎡+10㎡)
2F: General Room(2 Beds) + Japanese Style Guest Room(13㎡) + indoor bath + open-air bath + toilet (on all floors)

○Cabin with open-air bath [Yumeya](Two-story Building)
Occupant: 15 Persons
1F: Japanese Style Guest Rooms(10㎡+10㎡+13㎡)
2F: General Room(20㎡, 5 Beds) + General Room(30㎡, Sofa Bed) + indoor bath + open-air bath + toilet (on all floors)

Any rooms have beds (Western Style)?

Only cabins with open-air baths [Yumeya] and [Hanaya] offer beds. Other Cabins and Guest Rooms are Japanese Style.

Is there a bath in the room?

Baths in the Main Building are general baths which are similar to the type of Business Hotel. Cabins with open-air bath have both open-air bath and indoor bath, and the bathrooms are made of stones where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese Style Hot Spring.

What kind of Amenities do you offer?

Male & Female: Yukata, Hanten (Short Coat), Bath Towel, Face Towel, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo/Rinse, Body Soap, Comb.
Female only: Cleansing, Cleansing Cream, Lotion, Cream, Shower Cap
Male only: Shaver

Is there a refrigerator?

Yes, we offer a refrigerator with both cold and frozen functions in all Guest Rooms. There are Beers and Drinks in the refrigerator (Not for free), and there is a space for souvenirs as well. And there are refrigerators on all floors of two-story Cabins with open-air bath.

Are all guest rooms Barrier-free?

Not all guest rooms are Barrier-free. Cabins with open-air bath have stairs, and Guest Rooms in the Main Building are on the second floor and there is no elevator.

Is there a safe box?

All Guest Rooms have a safe box, and there are Key type and Digital Type (Password) of Safe Boxes. You can also store valuables in the Front Desk. Please feel free to contact.

Can I smoke in the room?

Yes, all Guest Rooms are Smoking Rooms. And you can smoke in the Public Space as well. But, in order to reduce the damage of secondhand smoke, please smoke in your room.

11. How about the Children’ Stay Plan?

Fukinoya Hotel welcomes Families Stay.Price would be different according to the Dining Plan of children.
Child Plan A: 70% of Adult Price (Yukata and Bedding are included.)Dining: the same as Adult Dining
Child Plan B: 50% of Adult Price (Yukata and Bedding are included.)Dining: Children Lunch
Child Plan C: 30% of Adult Price (Yukata and Bedding are included.)
Child Plan D: 1,620Japanese Yen (Stay Only/No Dining)
Dining only is ok as well. Children Lunch Only: 6,480 Japanese Yen


Where can we have dinner and breakfast?

You can have dinner and breakfast at the restaurant in the Main Building’s First Floor.

Do you offer a private room in the restaurant?

Private Room is available depends on the number of people. We will make a simple Private Room for you if necessary.

Do you offer special order cuisine?

Yes. We offer plentiful kinds of special order cuisines such as the Whole Fish Sashimi of Seki-Aji (Fish), Seki-Saba (Fish), Tai(Fish), Hirame(Fish) and Japanese Beef Steak and so on. Please book at least 3 days before your visiting in advance.

If I have Food Allergy…?

Please contact us in advance, and we can offer a special menu for you.

Hot Spring

Private hot spring baths

We offer indoor bath (Female bathroom and male bathroom would be changed in turns.) and open-air bath ([ICHINOYU], [NINOYU] and [SANNOYU]). Shampoo/Rinse, Body Soap, Soap and Hair Dryer are available at Private hot spring baths.

Do I need to book the Private open-air bath in advance?

No need to book in advance. You can use the Private open-air bath if it is unlocked. ※Please lock the door when you use it.

Hours of Operation of the Private hot spring baths?

Hours of Operation: 14:30PM~9:00AM (Guests who stay here only)
One-day tour Guests: 14:30PM~20:00PM
※Some Private hot spring baths may be not available as periodical maintenance.

Do you offer Bath Towel in the Private hot spring baths?

No. Please take the Bath Towel in your room with you.

Day-use Hot Spring

Adults and Children can use all Private hot spring baths.
Adults Price: 1,080 Japanese Yen/Children Price: 540 Japanese Yen
※It may be not available depends on our Reservation status.

To relax, To Taste, To Enjoy

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