Group Usage

One of our rooms can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Cram in pleasure with your family and friends to create precise memories

How to utilize our large rooms?
If you are looking for…

A family trip (including three-generations)
A family trip (including three-generations)

A family trip
(including three-generations)

An easy but harmonious

Girl trip

Girl trip

The villa can accommodate up to 15 guests so all members can stay in the same room!
It’s wonderful!

A trip with friends

A trip with friends

Members of the same group can share the reasonable rate.

3discernible features

Villas accommodating large group

1Villas accommodating large group

Our villas can accommodate up to 15 guests, and a room in our main block can accommodate up to 8 guests. There are partitions so you can divide your room into small bedrooms at night.


2Savor the seasonal best of Yufuin
course meal

Gourmet is a big part of a trip.
Enter the world of colorful Japanese kaiseki cuisine revealing true, real flavors of stunning selections- the best farm-fresh local vegetables, delicious seafood, and A4 wagyu beef of the season. Be driven by the artisanal spirit of Japanese food.


3Soak in 100%
natural hot spring

Private hot springs are available at the villas so you can claim the soothing 100% natural hot spring as your own!


With private open hot spring

all come with a private open hot spring and an inner bath


Private hot spring

Be pampered in our 3 unique private hot springs.Open the door with the key and claim this soothing bath your own at any time.


Public bath

Or alternatively, soak in our huge public bath, also 100% natural. The temperature is well-adjusted to soothe your body and soul. Only the hot spring for ladies are open hot spring.



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